Play Our Unique Game That Awards Bonuses!

Once you become an active player, you’ll be able to login daily and spin on our Vegas Spin Club slot machine and win prizes.

What is the Vegas Spin Club?

It’s our in-house game that allows players to win Prizes like Bonus Cash, Free Spins & more.

Find out more info here: Vegas Spin Club.



What is Vegas Spin Club?

Log in every day and spin the Vegas Spin Club slot machine to win daily prizes which include no deposit free spins, bonus cash and match deposit bonuses! This can be done up to three times every day starting 13 December 2022 from UTC 00:00:00 to UTC 23:59:59.

How do I take part in this?

You will get three tries at spinning the slot machine the first time you log in each day. Please note that you can only try a maximum of three times a day and your daily spins cannot be carried over to the next day.

What is going on?

Love slots? What about free stuff – specifically bonuses? If you said yes to both, you’re in luck, loyal EddyVegas fan, because we’ve got something that’ll blow your socks off and it’s not a new smash hit from us!

What we have here is our exclusive VEGAS SPIN CLUB slot machine and you get just one chance to give it a spin every single day. All you gotta do is show up, try your luck and see how lucky you get!

What’re you waiting for, a gold-plated invitation and a red carpet? Step on up and push that button already, why don’t you?

How to Play

Step 1

Log in every day and visit the Vegas Spin Club page.

Step 2

Click the ‘Spin!’ button located on the Vegas Spin Club slot machine.

Step 3

Once the reels stop, a pop-up window will display the results of your spin. You can win any one of the bonuses available or nothing at all.

Step 4

You can choose to either accept or decline the bonus you have received. Upon accepting a bonus, you will be able to view its full information in the Bonus section of your account.

Step 5

Repeat this process up to two more times if you wish.

Step 6

Have fun and come back tomorrow for another three tries!

Terms and Conditions

1. This special feature can be used every day starting 13 December 2022 from UTC 00:00:00 to UTC 23:59:59. We reserve the right to change the promotion period as we deem fit on any given day.

2. This special feature is open to players who have received an invitation from us.

3. Players must make at least one deposit within three (3) days of their last Vegas Spin Club spin in order to continue receiving their daily three (3) spins when they log in to EddyVegas.

4. Spins are not cumulative and cannot be carried over to the next day.

5. Once a player has used up their daily spins, they will not receive any more spins no matter how many more times they log in that day.

6. Players may receive one (1) bonus from the Vegas Spin Club special feature for every spin or they may receive nothing at all.

7. Upon getting a bonus, players will be able to check the full bonus details in their account Bonus section or under the ‘Bonus’ section in the Vegas Spin Club page. Players are required to refresh this landing page in order to see the update.

8. Players will have one (1) day to activate the bonus they have received; upon activation, the bonus will expire within one (1) day.

9. All bonuses offered through this special feature are subjected to wagering requirements, maximum bet values and maximum cash outs/bonus winnings.

10. The maximum bet amount stated for each bonus applies to both real cash and bonus cash bets.

11. Wagering requirements apply to both deposited amounts and bonus amounts.

12. EddyVegas reserves the right to update the bonuses or other promotions related to this special feature and amend their terms and conditions at any point in time depending on the requirement.

13. EddyVegas reserves the right to penalise any players by preventing them from using this special feature if they are found to be abusing the bonuses.

14. EddyVegas reserves the right to alter or cancel this special feature without any notice.

15. You are advised to visit our website or contact our Customer Support which is available 24/7 using your mobile or desktop if you have any further queries regarding this special feature.

16. All standard promotion and bonus terms and conditions apply.