Get Seduced by Sin City

I’ve been taking on Sin City since I was a kid.

There is something inherently exhilarating about Vegas.
I get inebriated on its fumes, its heat, its lights and its beer.
As a local, I avoid the Strip save for specific casino visits and my gigs with the Vector Streams.
Gotta love the Strip but there’s a world beyond it.
Let’s play in both tourist and local.

We’re not just talking casinos anymore, we’re talking casinos and games wrapped around mythical cities.
Ancient history. Erupting volcanoes. Battling pirates. Tightrope dancers. Cirque du Soleil. Sci-fi, your favourite movies and characters and legends and whatever else floats your chips.

Why are you here with us?
Because Vegas calls!

You’re here to enter Vegas with a $%@! ALL attitude.
Vegas has always beaten the odds.
Let’s take on these games and the glory of the city and beat them instead.
Vegas is not the cliché Hollywood movie; prepare to be blown away.
It’s more “Con Air” than “Hangover”.
EddyVegas is not a typical Vegas-style online casino. Too many of those.
Playing here is like visiting another planet – a pleasure planet. My world.
A total escapist’s fantasy for the player.
We take you across the Strip and beyond.
Give you the insiders view, bring you behind the scenes.
Not just the Strip but the entire city of Las Vegas itself.
Seedy and beautiful and exciting and disappointing and…
Let’s hit the nightclubs like we’re young again.
Discover the underground wine cellars.
Have encounters with the mob.
Downtown, Chinatown, strip malls with amazing Thai restaurants.

The casinos change. The city changes.
As will our themes and games.

Your life might not intersect with that of Mike Tyson
or Lady Gaga or Gwen Stefani…
or it just might because they’re all here.
But you are here for the GAMES.
And we have a plethora of that for you to choose from and enjoy.
And BETTER odds than anywhere in Vegas.