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Welcome to the Vegas You Never Knew

The night lights, the casinos, the hangovers, the relentless sun… Everyone has an almost perfect image of Vegas in their head whether they’ve visited it or not. But the Entertainment Capital of the World is more than a large-scale tourist landmark; fun and games are its lifeblood and the only way to really know it is to experience it to the fullest.

It’s not enough to drive down the Strip and walk into every casino you see; you’ve got to get that backstage pass, go behind the scenes, look down at Sin City from the Stratosphere, slide your way into a VIP lounge… and when you find yourself craving more - when there just aren't enough slots, card games and roulette wheels to feed your hunger - is when you should come on over to EddyVegas. Because we're more Vegas than Vegas and once you're here, you’ll find you never want to leave.