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Strip Demons Championship

Start Date: 00:00:00, 24/01/2023
Finish Date: 23:59:59, 29/01/2023
Tournament Type: Most Rounds
Total Prize Pool: $800 Bonus Cash
Number of Positions: 10
Minimum Spins to Qualify: 1
Minimum Spin Value: $1
Qualifying Games: All Slots excluding Jackpots

Strip Demons Championship

There’s a need – a need for speed – in Vegas and it just so happens there’s this little thing called the Strip that’s perfect for scratching that particular itch. Got the urge to put pedal to the metal and watch the sights and sounds of Vegas zip by as you live out your dream of starring in your very own Fast and Furious movie? Then get your fastest car ready and meet us at the starting line of our latest Sin City Championship because it’s time to see who’s the ultimate speed demon in our tournament.

The top 10 players who manage to play the highest number of rounds on any of our slot games during the slot tournament will win a share of the available prize pool.

Because opt-ins are automatic, there’s a strong possibility you might end up winning a prize without even being aware you’d joined the tournament in the first place. Should that happen, consider it a nice ‘thank you’ reward for having played with us here at EddyVegas.


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